Process module was created to support document workflow. Its main tasks are:

  • Visual definition of workflow process (all operations with documents and the whole document workflow are visible on a state chart)
  • Showing the actual document stop point on the chart
  • Competence control related to particular stages of document workflow (only authorized personnel can perform operations on documents)
  • Estimating time needed to carry out a particular task on the document at a particular stage
  • Automation of tasks by actions initiated automatically at the moment of starting any work with the document
  • Parallel processes - one document may take part in many processes at the same time

Let's imagine an exemplary document workflow process of drawing up an arrangement. This document workflow consists of particular steps called stop points. Every step is an operation with the document performed by an authorized person. The document can be locked for edition, checked, confirmed, etc. System stores complete document's workflow path and saves all changes introduced by users. In case of document audit there will be no doubts who and how modified the document.

What is more PROGMATE DOCs supports also analysts and managers, who use the process approach to company in their work. PROGMATE DOCs process module allows to perform the complex BPM (Business Process Modelling) of all company's processes connected with document workflow. It makes possible to precisely monitor the document workflow, simplify its control, quickly identify ineffective actions.