Structure and modularity

PROGMATE DOCs is a modern platform consisting of different modules that cooperate with each other. Due to that system construction is much more clear and understandable for users, which is especially important for persons who just starts to explore PROGMATE DOCs. Such system construction gives the possibility of later software extension throughout the installation of subsequent modules. Functionality of modules are as follows:

  • Document Management - manages, stores and searches documents in system
  • Waiting Room - manages the ways of inserting new documents into the system
  • Warehouse - connects documents with their physical localization (e.g. office, cabinet, etc.)
  • Integration - connects documents with data from other systems (e.g. financial systems)
  • Process - supports document workflow among users

The platform is adjusted to continuous expansion and introduction of new modules which will meet users' growing requirements. Possible extensions are:

  • Management of company's archives or transferring them to national archive
  • Extra protection by implementing data encryption
  • Signing of documents (using digital signature)

PROGMATE DOCs can be implemented in many instances on one technical architecture (it has multi-enterprise characteristic). If the entrepreneur owns many companies which work on the same server there will be no obstacles to implement many independent instances of PROGMATE DOCs on one technical architecture - one instance for each company. Such solution gives significant reduction of system implementation costs. What is more some employees who work in many companies can use only one workstation just by starting client station (PROGMATE DOCs Desktop Client or PROGMATE DOCs Web Client) in many instances and connect simultaneously with systems of many different companies.