System implementation

PROGMATE believes that an advanced document management system requires from users only basic IT skills. However using such system in the most effective way in a company can meet many difficulties if its implementation will not be supported by appropriate services offered by a system supplier. These services are following: setting up a testing environment, predeployment analysis, employees training and consultancy during and after the system implementation.

Testing environment
PROGMATE fully supports clients who think about implementation of the PROGMATE DOCs system, by providing them a testing environment, thanks to which they can familiarize with system functionalities and notice benefits that PROGMATE DOCs can brought to their companies.

Predeployment analysis
IT system implementation should be preceded by a complex predeployment analysis in order to adapt the system functionalities to company needs. PROGMATE offers its clients the possibility to conduct such analysis, with particular concentration on business processes used in a company. Important advantage of PROGMATE DOCs system is also its possibility of integration with many other IT systems used in companies, such as CRM or accounting systems. PROGMATE experts always emphasize that document management system cannot be independent from other IT systems, it must cooperate with them in order to provide high level of efficiency in the company. It is also possible to add new components to PROGMATE DOCs system by PROGMATE programmers in response to needs of a particular client. In consequence the company can get a "tailor made" document management system.

Employees training
The fully usage of document management system advantages is possible only when all system possibilities were presented to employees. PROGMATE experts, who have the experience of regular work with PROGMATE DOCs, are the guarantee that such training would be conducted on the highest possible level.

PROGMATE also offers its clients the consultancy service during and after the period of system implementation. PROGMATE experts are eager to provide the full IT support, especially in the field of PROGMATE DOCs functionalities and its usage in business processes modelling connected with document workflow. It is also possible to expand system functionalities and integrate it with another IT systems, if during the work with PROGMATE DOCs the client would notice such necessity.

The client who decides on PROGMATE DOCs implementation can freely decide, which services from mentioned above considers as useful for its company. However the PROGMATE experts experience suggests that the full efficiency of PROGMATE DOCs system is achieved in the shortest time when the process of implementation is supported by all services mentioned above.