Document Management

This module is a main part of PROGMATE DOCs and it's main functions are management and authorisation of document changes. Moreover, Document Management is responsible for:

  • Defining directories for documents (logical tree structure)
  • Management of rights for particular groups and users (competence)
  • Creation of new documents
  • Creation of document templates
  • Management of meta data relevant to the document (e.g. number of document)
  • Quick document searching (basic or advanced)
  • Reviewing and processing of documents using embedded editors and integrated external tools
  • Locking documents for edition
  • Versioning the document changes and easy review of document changes history
  • Audit of operations performed on documents
  • References between documents
  • Export of documents to external file system

The document consists of meta data used for searching and categorization which include information like e.g.:

  • Document class (defined classes e.g. invoice, arrangement)
  • Unique document number (functions also as a bar code which is given to all documents)
  • Document title (obligatory for better transparency)
  • Document attributes (defined attributes that additionally describe the document)
  • Keywords (words used for document searching, additionally characterize the content of the document)
  • Document type (type of document component files, formats of files operated: doc, xls, odt, ods, pdf, png, jpg, tiff, etc.)

PROGMATE DOCs allows for reviewing and processing of documents created by office systems and different external tools like:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Open Office
  • Acrobat Reader

PROGMATE DOCs is also integrated with E-Mail. It makes possible to:

  • Work with many E-Mails accounts in the system
  • Import received mails and attachments as documents
  • Send documents with E-Mail