PROGMATE DOCs Cloud is an innovatory service for document management which is based on "cloud computing" technology. The SaaS (Software as a Service) architecture was used for its creation. The idea of PROGMATE DOCs Cloud is following. On PROGMATE servers the data base server and application server where installed. System users owning client stations (PROGMATE DOCs Desktop Client or Web Client) can connect with PROGMATE server via internet. They can perform all the same actions on documents as they would do if they had fully implemented the PROGMATE DOCs system in their company. Such solution has many advantages:

  • Time and costs of system installation are reduced
  • Costs of hardware are smaller
  • Risk of hardware damage is reduced
  • System users do not have to remember about updates for server software, data bases and PROGMATE DOCs. All these activities are performed by PROGMATE.
  • PROGMATE DOCs is always accessible via internet
  • Users' working comfort is higher (they are not stick to one working place)
  • High level of scalability, simplicity in adding new users
  • The safety of data contained in documents is guaranteed by PROGMATE

Though the greatest advantage of described solution is the possibility to buy PROGMATE DOCs Cloud as a service. In consequence the costs of system installation can be distributed on a regularly paid subscription. The full implementation of document management system in a company is a time-consuming process. PROGMATE DOCs Cloud is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who would like to benefit form all document management system advantages as soon as possible.

What is more PROGMATE DOCs Cloud is also an ideal solution for companies that need to work with stable and reliable virtual documents repository for a period of time. Such service is often named as Virtual Data Room and is used when important investment decisions have to be made, while many people have to work with large collection of documents at the same time. PROGMATE DOCs Cloud is a guarantee of providing such service at the highest quality.