PROGMATE DOCs was created as a platform. Different modules were created around the main module (called the core). The application is based on multilayer architecture where the service layer is situated on an application server which cooperates with the data base server.

The system consists of few servers which can be installed on different hardware. It is possible to use one single server or multiple servers. This solution is flexible and scalable. It enables simultaneous handling of a large number of users and providing higher reliability of the whole solution (High Availability Cluster). Component elements of the system are:

  • Data base server
  • Application server
  • Client stations

Client stations are available in two versions: PROGMATE DOCs Desktop Client and PROGMATE DOCs Web Client. PROGMATE DOCs Desktop Client gives the possibility to use all functionalities of PROGMATE DOCs. It is necessary for system administrators and useful for all users who often work with PROGMATE DOCs. While PROGMATE DOCs Web Client is an ideal solution for everybody who does not need to use all functionalities of PROGMATE DOCs or is often outside the office and would like to have immediate access to all documents stored in the system with the usage of notebook. Web Client gives the possibility to perform the same basic actions on documents as PROGMATE DOCs Desktop Client. Both client stations are integrated with E-Mail.

Additional element of PROGMATE DOCs is the testing environment which is implemented together with the system. It is a separate part of PROGMATE DOCs which can be used to learn system functionalities, to test later software upgrades and to teach new employees. The testing environment allows to work with all system functionalities without taking the risk of making unwanted changes in documents used in a company.

The platform is based on Java Enterprise made by Sun Microsystems. Modularization was made on every layer of the application. Implementation of innovative technologies enabled the use of most modern database systems. There is a possibility to install the system on existing infrastructure.

Thanks to using SOA architecture (Service Oriented Architecture) in the server layer the system can be scalable and easily extended by new modules. Moreover, easy integration with other systems has been achieved (e.g. Web Services). The implementation of modern technology enabled PROGMATE DOCs to process thousands of documents per day. There is also a possibility of storing documents as long as it is necessary for the user.