Analysts' reports

Savings gained from replacing traditional document workflow with electronic one

Paper document workflow is in fact an inevitable element of almost each company activity. It seems that its commonness is due to entrepreneurs unawareness about costs that traditional document workflow generates.

Polish entrepreneurs and producers in the face of computerization

In contemporary world entrepreneurs and producers more often face problems connected with computerization and implementation of information systems that are designed to enhance and automate work of the company. Comparing to Europe Polish entrepreneurs seem to be very anachronic.

GeeCon 2010 Conference in Poznan

PROGMATE participated in GeeCon 2010 Conference. The Conference was organized as a set of parallel lectures. Organizers managed to invite world famous persons and institutions.

Google Cloud - the future or a global gadget ?

What does "cloud" and "cloud computing" mean? Cloud computing is based on a concept of moving data processing mechanism and processed data form one's own notebook, computer or local network to processing centres of third party companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon.