For PROGMATE clearly defined aim of business activity and value of the brand are most important. In order to explain motives for our actions, we present a brief of the company below.

Mottoes and slogans of the company


"The one who fights may lose. The one who does not fight has already lost." - Bertolt Brecht. Every day is a fight for us. Doing our job we struggle with time and own weaknesses. We want to be better and better to earn self-respect and win recognition of others.

Demand a lot and give even more

"I don't pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages." - Robert Bosch. For PROGMATE money is not the most important aim. It is fundamental for us to be a tutor for a generation of talented programmers who will be the best specialists in the future.


We make our decisions fast because we know that sometimes it is better to make a bad decision than not to decide at all.

Sense of humour and attitude at work

What we do is our passion but we can laugh at ourselves and we know that life is not all about work.

Characteristic of our services

PROGMATE works in two areas:

1. Consulting - modern consulting that consists of software and stages of its development: analysis, architecture, design and implementation of a system. PROGMATE, thanks to our experience, supports other companies in developing software with the help of advanced JEE technology (Java Enterprise) and data bases, e.g. Oracle.

2. Product - a new product of the company: PROGMATE DOCs. This system is an advertisement and a mark of our company within the area of Consulting as it presents modern attitude towards modular and scalable multilayer architecture.

Characteristics of target customers

1. Consulting - our clients are mainly German but also Polish companies that produce advanced, modular software, need our knowledge and value our support.

2. Product - potential clients for our product are Polish small and average-size companies which want to use Document Management System. The company is trying to launched the product on the German market.

Company's aim

Company's mission

The mission of PROGMATE is to deliver professional services and products and make them available for our clients. Our services and products are created on the basis of advanced and innovative computer technologies. We do not want to invent what has not been invented yet. Our aim is to use the newest technologies to make products of the highest quality.

Vision of development for the company

PROGMATE is going to:

  • Cooperate with as many clients interested in our consultancy services as possible. We are also planning to focus more on aspects that require the biggest experience and the most detailed knowledge, with the special interest in analysis, architecture and refactoring.
  • Upgrade our product in order to make it even more functional, more stable and as ergonomic as possible. We would also like to add new modules to the program and cooperate with other partners to integrate PROGMATE DOCs with large systems where our program will work as one of modules.

Planned position on the market

Because of our charisma, workers' commitment and Know-How PROGMATE wants to be one of the leaders on advanced DMS market. Moreover, we would like to be a well known supporter for other companies which need a professional help during the process of creating advanced computer systems.


Two areas of PROGMATE's business activity: consulting and product, guarantee safety of functioning of the company. Consulting enables us to gain knowledge and experience and invest in creation of our own new products. The product is a property of the company and it allows to have in view increasing profits caused by selling the same product to many clients. It is all for our workers and company's financial safety.

Characteristic and guaranty of our brand

Choosing our services the client experiences:

  • Professional attitude towards software designing and developing
  • High quality and stability of products
  • Our support and devotion to software design, installation and training
  • Our involvement in optimal functioning and practical usage of a software

Rational and emotional benefits of the client

Rational benefits:

  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Modularity, flexibility and scalability of a software
  • Quality, perfect ergonomics, stability and speed

Emotional benefits:

  • Prestige - investment in consulting based on the newest technology and computer knowledge
  • Direct contact with world-famous experts
  • PROGMATE's dynamics and customer-oriented approach

Personality of the brand

Characteristic features of PROGMATE:

  • Confidence
  • Quality
  • Communicativeness and broad horizons
  • Determination
  • Productivity
  • Attention to details
  • Clarity of thought and healthy attitude

Strategy of the product

PROGMATE is trying to show benefits of having a systematized process of working with documents in any company to our clients. Profits from introducing PROGMATE DOCs exceed the costs of a license and installation of the system many times. Moreover, we always try to meet clients' needs by making a user interface configurable, ergonomic and extensible. Fluent cooperation and maximal functionality of the product are our main aims and they are appreciated by our clients.

Strategy of the services

We will do our best to meet clients' requirements and to present the best offer of a system architecture. What is more, we will assure a safe process of development of a software with direct involvement of the client in particular stages of the process. PROGMATE does not want to make our clients dependent on us for support. That is why the client gets a full documentation of what we do. PROGMATE's support can apply only to one of the stages of creating a system, e.g. analysis, and some other company may continue our work. The client has a chance to choose from many partners while developing a software.

Products and services price characteristic

The costs of consulting are established according to abilities, expectations and standard rates (on national or foreign market). The price includes a qualified consultant and programmer's hourly rate of pay. The price of full PROGMATE DOCs introduction is defined individually, depending on modules installed.

Characteristic of the product

Features of our programming and consulting services:

  • Know-How - modern technologies
  • Professionalism and care of the client
  • Detailed and appropriate estimation of work time and risk
  • Speed and precision of finding solutions to errors and problems

Features that make PROGMATE DOCs better than other products:

  • Integration with other tools like Microsoft Office and Open Office
  • Module of a 'warehouse' which connects world of virtual documents with their paper versions
  • Stability, modularity and scalability
  • Efficiency and safety of used technologies
  • Possibility of entering content of documents in a special index
  • Very low costs of computer infrastructure compared to the amount of supported documents