Company name origin

The name PROGMATE was created on the basis of two elements: PROG and MATE. PROG can be associated with software development in which PROGMATE specializes. What is more, prefix PRO can be connected with professionalism and company's advantages (like in pros and cons expression). Whereas word MATE can be associated with partnership and eagerness to understand client needs. This word is also connected with very good work atmosphere which is very important for PROGMATE.

Logo origin

PROGMATE logo is built from a graphic symbol and individually designed typography. The symbol construction, based on a shape of circle, is built from three abstract symbols, which are related to P, G and E letters - letters that are building the PROGMATE name. Thereby the symbol can be viewed as a coherent and logical sign which strengthen the brand. Its innovative shape can be also connected with modernity and dynamism of the company and its involvement in information technology development. The company symbol can also be associated with:

  • Earth globe - international character, clients from the whole world
  • Input/Output - openness to new technologies, transparency and clarity
  • Simplicity and stability - user oriented systems, which can be relied on
  • Head contour directed right - human element, experienced employees as most import resource of the company, matching customers' needs as our most important goal
  • Bird flying right - ambition and lack of limits, rising above mediocrity